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Without a Will
If you live in England or Wales and die without a Will the rules of intestacy apply and the government maybe your largest beneficiary!

Decisions about who will take care of any children under 18 will be made by people who don’t know you or your wishes; they will manage the children’s finances, education and living arrangements.

With A Will
You have a ‘voice’, deciding who will inherit your estate and/or look after your children.

Wills should be updated when circumstances change. Talking Wills review your draft Will; and provide an annual review service, this ensures it meets your needs as your circumstances, or your beneficiaries’ circumstances change.

For information on Trusts click here.

Affordable Quality
One approach doesn’t fit all. That’s why we take the time to look at all the Wills we generate on-line. Our semi-automated Will writing keeps down costs without compromising on quality.

You can rely on a highly efficient service and we won’t ever compromise on quality.

Regular Review
When you use Talking Wills you can rest assured, knowing your Will includes ongoing reviews.

Your circumstances will change, as will those of your beneficiaries. We prompt you to inspect your Will regularly to ensure it reflects your current wishes.

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